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St. Louis Native, Expert Real Estate Agent, Lifestyle Enthusiast 

Education, understanding, and transparency are my main priorities when it comes to home buying or selling. They are the three elements that allow me to exceed your real estate goals.

As your realtor, I have the expertise and communication necessary to guide you through the real estate journey. I also possess an underlying passion and commitment to make homeownership one of your greatest successes.

All of your needs, including those of your lifestyle will remain front-and-center during our time together. Because it is one thing to own a house. However, living in one that brings you happiness, comfort, and peace is what makes it your home.

A St. Louis Realtor That Knows the Market 

Just as there is a generational shift in the real estate climate there is a mindset shift on the real estate outlook. Prospective buyers highly consist of young Millennials eager to purchase their first home. Their desire for financial stability, tech-savviness, and ownership is driving this market forward.

Being a Millennial realtor, I completely understand that mindset. Those unique attributes along with my experience, award clients the confidence to make educated real estate decisions.

In St.Louis, there’s more than what meets the Arch. With Millennials, there’s more than what meets the title. And, I prove it one home at a time.

Get to Know My St.Louis Lifestyle

St. Louis provides residents with modern metro feels as well as small-town charm. Whether you prefer fast-paced city living or crave a little adventure, there is always something to do. My lifestyle places me at the intersection of each.

I love to spend my mornings exploring nature trails, getting some much-needed fresh air. My evenings? I’m in the heart of the city enjoying casual cocktails and good conversation.

It is safe to say this city affords me (and my clients) plenty of options. And, I always choose the best of both worlds.

My St. Lou Faves 

  • Brunch Spots – Kaldi’s Coffee & First Watch
  • Dining & Cocktails – Prasino, Eleven Eleven Mississippi & Moonrise Hotel Rooftop
  • Parks & Trails – Forest Park & Missouri Botanical Garden
  • Adventures – Union Station & Art Hill

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